• We meet every single donor

    Donors only make the cut if our nurses would recommend them to their own patients

  • Elevated Standards
    Potential donors must undergo mandatory IQ & criminal record screening

  • Envision Your Future:
    View the donor's baby and adult photos

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At Donor-Network, we understand that choosing a donor is a life-long commitment.

Our mission

Donor-Network is not a sperm bank. We work with clinics about running a donor program. I believe in the power of intuition and personal connections. That's why we only include top fertility clinics that maintain close contact with both donors and patients in our network. This ensures that every single donor meets our rigorous criteria. Our commitment to the highest clinical standards, coupled with our emphasis on personal intuition and responsibility, makes Donor-Network the best choice for your family's future.

Jakob Schöllhammer Knudsen

Father of three, Medical Doctor, PhD and CEO of Donor-Network

How we select our donors

Learn more about how Donor-Network works in unison with fertility clinics.

A Pathway to Parenthood

Read inspiring stories from families who have undergone fertility treatments.

  • We practically smiled nonstop for a month after we found out she was finally pregnant.

    Robyn and Benjamin

  • Our struggle with infertility turned into a journey of hope the moment we found our donor.

    Katherine and Michael

  • Choosing our donor was like finding the key that unlocked the door to the family I've always dreamed of.


    A Tale of Two Mothers

    A Tale of Two Mothers

    Both wanting to experience motherhood, Sara and Marie decided to conceive with the same sperm donor. After careful consideration, they chose Sahr – an ID-Release donor from Donor-Network. Following two unsuccessful insemination attempts, Sara became pregnant on her third try, turning their dream of starting a family into reality.

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    Starting a Family

    Starting a Family

    Jakob and Annemarie knew what they wanted. They had been together since university and had been talking about starting a family since they graduated a few years back. Annemarie stopped using birth control, and they assumed the rest would follow. Naturally, they enjoyed the process and weren’t in any hurry.

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    A Single Mother’s Love

    A Single Mother’s Love

    At 34, Eva felt an undeniable pull towards motherhood, but Prince Charming hadn't arrived. Faced with this reality, she took a leap of faith and embarked on the path to single motherhood.

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    Learn about our meticulous donor selection process that blends intuition with comprehensive screening and evaluation.

    Premium Donor Standards

    All potential donors must undergo a genetic risk assessment consisting of a medical examination, IQ screening, a criminal background check, and a psychological evaluation. To ensure only the highest-quality donors make the cut, our fertility professionals personally interview each potential donor. Only the donors that our nursing staff feel comfortable recommending to their patients are accepted.

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    Capable of Detecting 4,000+ Gene-Related Diseases

    Our Clinics Go Far Beyond Standard Clinical Qualifications

    Elevating Standards: IQ Screening & Background Checks

    Intuition: Donor Selection is More Than Tests.