What we do

We are a network of fertility clinics collaborating with Donor-Network to offer the best donor profiles for our patients. Our donors are carefully selected based on objective, clinical criteria such as tests for infectious and genetic diseases, normal to high cognitive abilities, and high sperm quality.


We meet every single donor personally. It is essential to us that the fertility staff at our partner clinics confidently recommend our donors to their own patients.

Why choose Donor-Network overother sperm banks?

At Donor-Network, we believe that we make the best possible circumstances for sperm donors in the entire business. We do most of the donor-onboarding online, fast and when it suits our donors best, we provide the most benefits, and we pay the highest compensation legally possible.


We also make sure our donors are comfortable and prepared all the way. Our donors consult with our therapist prior to their first donation and can contact our physicians and fertility staff 13 hours per day, every day of the week.

Our approach

Our donors are our most important asset. We think they should be treated that way. As such, our mission is to make it easy and attractive to become one, benefiting both donors and those who wish to use donor sperm to have a child. Our donors get weekly updates on the development of their sperm quality, keeping them in touch with their health.