• As a donor, you have the unique opportunity to make dreams come true and play a vital role in helping couples build the families they've always longed for.

    Make dreams come true!

  • Streamline your donation process by filling a time slot. Skip lunch prep; get a sandwich voucher from us. We value your time and commitment.

    Get a free sandwich after every donation

  • Up to 4500 kr during approval, 500 kr per donation, and potential for more based on sperm quality.

    Financial compensation for being a Sperm Donor

  • At our clinic, we prioritize your time. You only visit for sperm delivery; the rest is handled conveniently online for a hassle-free experience.

    Enjoy an effortless and swift donor screening process

  • Your privacy is paramount. We meet EU tissue center standards for security, ensuring your personal information's safe and professional handling.

    Complete confidentiality assurance: identity protection at every step

  • Our program empowers your sperm health and well-being through a comprehensive check of your physical and mental health.

    Comprehensive health check at no expense

  • Get reimbursed for your fitness expenses – up to 289 DKK per month, regardless of your gym choice. We're dedicated to supporting your health.

    Get reimbursed for fitness expenses

  • Elevate your experience with our advanced sperm quality monitoring system, complete with personalized tips to enhance fertility.

    Thorough sperm quality monitoring

How it Works

Our centre features a streamlined application and assessment process to ensure your experience with us is quick and hassle-free.

  • 1

    Online Meeting

    30 min

    Reserve a time for a brief online meeting to learn more about your potential as a donor. We’ll help coordinate where and when you can provide your first semen sample.

  • 2

    Analysis and Health Check

    1:00 hour

    We analyse your first semen sample for quality, etc. If approved, we will conduct a series of health checks and screen you for inherited and infectious diseases.

  • 3

    Interview and Profiling

    1:00 hour

    In the end, you’ll participate in an online interview so we can gather more information for your donor profile. Upon completion, you are ready to proceed with making a donation.

Book a Meeting
  • Donor-Network truly respects the donors' time. You only need to attend one in-person session, everything else takes place online, and you quickly get started with the donation.

  • I like to help out where I can

    Donor Maverick
  • I find fulfilment in knowing that there are mini versions of myself out there, bringing joy to families. The thought of passing on my traits and characteristics to future generations is both humbling and exciting. Being a donor allows me to leave a lasting legacy and make a positive impact on the world,

    Donor Cereba

    We are here to help

    There are a lot of things to consider when becoming a donor. If you have any doubt or need advice, do not hesitate to book a meeting, or send us a message. We are always here to assist you.