I am open minded and awake person. I am very interested about the spiritual life, and also about social life, about normal life, i want to learn both sides and keep perfect balance and understand all sides of life and understand people and their life styles. Their opinions, their personalities.

Occupation and Skills


assisten in the kitchen in sushi restaurant, I have my own company, work in restaurants, at home investment, voluunter job on social media to inform people about the truth, i am also dancer, doing martial arts,.....

Educational background

Basic and secondary with graduation

Which languages do you speak apart from your native language?

English B1/B2 -I have a plan to speak a few languages more in the future.

Example: Italian, Chinese, Russian, Ukraine, Spanish,...etc.

Do you have any specific talents?

I know how to heal. I perceive auras. I feel the people, their problems, and what they are.

I am a crystal child. We have special talents, and we must discover them if we want to use them. Work on them and observe certain special conditions for the development of inner gifts.

I can do a lot of things together, have them ordered and under control in my mind, move them together, or analyze them. For others, it can be disturbing, chaotic, or stressful.

From my own experiences, I need to be alone with my own energies to become what I really want to be and to invent and see clear visions; this is a connection with my soul. Higher perspective, peace, and intelligence I can use that connection for anything and make it different and better than it usually is.

I see a visions about better world. I know how to make a better world.

I think i have good feelings and ears for beauty, dance, music, art and mode. I think i have better thinking compared to other people and perception, but I don't judge anyone or show it, I keep it to myself

Which instruments do you play?

No instruments

Background and family

Donor Milan's Background

Ancestry: European

Ethnicity: Slovak

Native language: Slovak

Religion: Not specified yet

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Children of his own: No

Donor Milan's Close Family

Mother: Slovak, Nurse, Medical school and tourism

Father: Slovak, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Machinist, Driver

Sister: Slovak, Business Academy, logistic planner

Nice to know

Favorite colour: White, blue, purple, green, black, gold

Favorite animal: Lion, tiger, cats, wolves, fox, elephant, dolphins, giraffes, all animals

Favourite food: baked chicken with the rice, Danish dishes, Slovak dishes, Chinese dishes, Italian dishes, and German dishes

What is your diet like?

I am eating and drinking healthy. I exercise a lot and eat normally healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and, at this time, a lot of meat because I want to make my weight higher. I prefer food cooked at home. I eat caloric food. Unhealthy food from time to time, but I exercise, doing swimming, so it's not so bad for my health. Because of my weight, I want to gain more weight. I have now 80 kg, and I am jumping from 80 kg to 76 kg. Thats why I made a discipline and routine program and exercise program to not lose too much kg but make a kg. The diet is very important for me.

Hobbies and interests

What sports do you participate in? I like martials arts-it makes my mentality very strong and body. Run-for-condition or any cardio exercise for condition makes endorphins, positive feelings, and healthy feelings. Swimming: I enjoy swimming; I just like it very much, and diving is also amazing, and I like it. Football-its fun Ping pong is fun. basketball-its fun Skiing, skating, snowboarding, adrenaline—I just like it. I like sports. Any adrenaline sport, I love it.

Hobbies and interest?

meditation (help me to deep relax and get rid of negativity, see the dreams more clean without gaps, see what my soul wants to create in this world) reading books (I like it,learning) walking(helping me for better thinking, relax and feel better) Working (meaning of life) dancing (I love it, dance carrier), painting (I love it) making music (I love it), garden work(I like it) Have a good relationships(something ussual)

Questions for donor

What does your family mean to you?

Family means, for me, a basic Who I am, my mentality, and my intelligence place where I can still come back or stay forever. I can always ask for anything. Do anything and be myself. Place where I am able to rise and shine, and be free. Build what I want in my life, do anything. To love each other and of course to help each other, to be honest with each other. Share my life. Share my experience. Have a communication about everything, have a understanding each others.

How would your family describe you?

like a smart and good man who is hard-working. I don't know exactly, to be honest. I think normal. Emotional free. It is helpful for them, motivates them, gives good advice, is not a toxic person for them, and some of their friends and family don't know me so well. Just some of the people/friends in my life see myself like really i am and these people are very important in my life.

What is your dream travel destination?

Chinese, Russian—because of the culture and people Italy: environment, dream places, people Scandinavian nature, cities, villages, and dream places are very good for inspiration, writing, thinking, and people. Dubai, USA-big cities, business, inspiration, people Thailand-nature, calm(and other similar countries with beautiful nature)

Everywhere is to discover something new. It's actually the best thing that's possible.

And other countries, all over the world.

What are some of your best experiences?

My best experience was, for example, when I came to Denmark. It was in 2019 end of the august. I have been living here until now, and Denmark is my second and main home. Its hardest to live here, but thanks to the hardest environment and adult life, when I did all my work alone and with a team, I was grateful, and I raised to a level when I knew exactly what I wanted. This year in Denmark was and is the best in my life because it taught me, and thanks to them, I am living my life, my dream life, between the people with whom I feel strong.

In Slovakia, I had the best experiences, as well as the best environment to raise and find out my goals and dreams. In Denmark, I started to work on them much harder.

Next, some of my best experiences are traveling between countries and having enough money to travel, live, and do everything I want. It was called financial freedom.

Meeting with people is the best experience in my life. It is the best thing that I like about my life. People and people, I like them, and it depends all about it. Meet them, speak with them, work with them, and have fun with them—this is what I like most in the world.

Also i love my times be alone. My best experiences in my life are also my spiritual experiences, thats the best in my life , too. I looking for it and i working on it to learn more, know more, see more. Its a greatest thing in the world, if you can meet or understand details of life or different spiritual beings. Find yourself, find your soul-mission. Find your twin- flame. Its a way. All life is the best experience, if i think about that deeply. :)

How would you describe your personality?

I am an active person. I always work on myself. I want to reach my potential. My goals. My dreams. It means everything to me. Become succesfull. Become a strong man. I am a positive person, communicative, and open to opportunities.

I am loyal to my best friends, to honest people. I don't like false people.

I have great ideas, I have a strong mentality, and I am a physically strong person. I really like work, fun, and very deep relaxation. What makes me happy is seeing the positive results of my job steps forward. Be honest, nothing can make me more happy than positive results and my loved ones, my true family. My beautiful, happy wife and my beautiful, happy kids But I think I am insane about dreams and make them real in the good sense.

See my family happy and my friends, general all people around me happy. I'm looking for solutions, not excuses.

I am versatile, and I can do everything and be at my best in that subject if I am doing it.

I was studying IT-technologies in middle school for 4 years, and I am interested in cosmic technology and the cosmos. Electricion subjects, engineering, construction, gastronomy, traveling subjects, and other subjects, like example free energy, alternative technologies and theories, or different kinds of technologies that will change the world and change our thinking, I am interested in architecture, astrology, and astronomy, too.

I want to study this subject in high school or at home via books and the internet. I am also interested in nature and history. I creating new partnerships and building the teams. I am loyal person.

I feel strong.

I like to know about new places, people, or topics. I love foreign languages, i love to learn them and speak, i like learning.

I have a feeling for music and beauty, and I am also a sensitive person. I am an ambitious, responsible, and fast-learning person.

I'm quite loving, diligent, resourceful, cheerful, sociable, but also a solitary type, when i need to think deep or relax or to invent new possibilities and things.

What was your dream when you were a child?

I don't know exactly, but I was learning when I was a child. I remembered. Usually, kids are preparing for adulthood at an early age. They have a better connection with their own inner world. It was about the cosmos, about astrology and astronomy, with the universe, and it make sense in my adult life because knowledge is like a puzzle and preparation for the future.

Become a elite soldier. Become savior.

What do friendships mean to you?

Bigger power, motivation, bigger focus, have fun, work, maybe better results, love, internal settlement, common road, help each other

How would you describe yourself as a friend?

I am always ready to help with anything, listen to a friend, be funny, honest, helpful, show the right way, push them, and make them better in all areas of life if they want. I can make a big fun, i am funny, but also serious. Business partner.

Cognitive profile

Intelligence is a very general mental capability that, among other things, involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly and learn from experience. It is not merely book learning, a narrow academic skill, or test-taking smarts. Rather, it reflects a broader and deeper capability for comprehending our surroundings- “catching on”, “making sense” of things, or “figuring out” what to do. Ability measured in youth has a positive association with most occupational, educational, health, and social outcomes later in life.

Donor Milan has an IQ score of 123, which puts him in the "above average" category.

Individuals with above-average IQ benefit from improved problem-solving skills, allowing them to navigate complex situations effectively. They often learn new information faster and retain it better, contributing to academic success and increased career opportunities.

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We ship to any health professional, so you can work with whomever you like.