Compare Sperm Banks

Compare Sperm Banks

Donor-Network is not a sperm bank

We collaborate with fertility clinics running a donor program. The clinics are the sperm banks, but Donor-Network assists them and have high standards for donors to be sold on the Donor-Network platform. We require screening of our donors on more criteria than all other sperm banks. See the infographic below for more information.

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We use our donors for our own patients

It is crucial that our staff would personally use the donor for their own patients. This ensures that our donors not only meet the highest standards of physical and psychological health but also the non-objective criteria of “feeling right“.

No criminal records

It is important to consider a sperm donor’s criminal background as studies indicate criminal behaviour is 60% heritable. Choosing a donor with a government-verified clean criminal record ensures that future children have a lower risk of exhibiting criminal behaviour.

IQ test

Studies show that IQ is roughly 80% heritable. A low IQ can negatively impact life quality and future opportunities and is associated with mental health problems. This is why we strictly screen for it during our donor selection process and only work with donors of at least average intelligence.

Adult and baby-photos

Adult photos of sperm donors provide additional insight for recipients, helping them visualize potential physical traits in a child. Although genetics are unpredictable, these photos offer a glimpse of what a donor's offspring may look like and allow prospective parents to make informed decisions.

Psychological evaluation

We evaluate each candidate via a thorough psychological assessment to ensure they possess psychological robustness and understand the responsibilities of being a donor. This evaluation helps us identify and avoid potential red flags and ensure a healthy donor for our patients.


At Donor-Network, we understand the importance of physical characteristics in the donor selection process. We help soon-to-be parents envision their future children by providing detailed information regarding our donors’ silhouettes, physiques, and measurements.