Welcome to Donor-Network

Welcome to Donor-Network

Committed to Excellence in Donor Selection & Fertility Success 

Donor-Network is a collaboration of top fertility clinics from around the world with one goal in mind: establishing an international network for sourcing superior donor profiles for our patients. Our uniqueness lies in our selection process, ensuring we only offer the highest quality donors i samarbejde med fertilitetsklinikker som driver sædbanksvirksomheden.

Our meticulous selection process includes rigorous objective and clinical assessments. Donor candidates must pass infectious and genetic disease screening, demonstrate normal to high cognitive abilities, and provide very high-quality sperm. In collaboration with partnering fertility clinics, we uphold the highest standards for our donors.

Crucial to our selection process is the involvement of fertility clinic staff, who meet all potential donors and ultimately offer their profiles to patients. Recognising that important decisions often involve both the head and heart, we incorporate this principle into our selection strategy. Candidates must satisfy our clinical criteria and secure approval from our psychologists. The final decision lies with our professional fertility staff, who boasts extensive experience in treating women and couples using donor sperm. Only candidates our clinicians would confidently recommend to their own patients are considered.

At Donor-Network, we pride ourselves on our commitment to this rigorous, heart-centred approach to donor selection. Our overarching goal is to support successful pregnancies.

Setting us apart from traditional sperm banks, our sperm analysis, processing, and freezing procedures are executed by seasoned laboratory professionals intimately familiar with fertility treatments. They have the hands-on experience needed to optimise the chances of a successful outcome.

Fertility clinics within the Donor-Network prioritize the success of pregnancies over the sheer production of donor sperm. They will not hesitate to decline a donor candidate if they cannot confidently endorse them to their own patients, regardless of high sperm motility or excellent health. Importantly, they also monitor the pregnancy success rates associated with specific donors, ensuring optimal results for our hopeful parents. Trust in Donor-Network - where excellence in donor selection meets the passionate pursuit of fertility success.