Maigaard: A Donor-Network Partner Clinic

Maigaard: A Donor-Network Partner Clinic

Donor-Network is proud to introduce Maigaard Fertility Clinic as a trusted partner. Maigaard's team of specialists is comprised of experienced fertility doctors, skilled biomedical scientists, and caring nurses who are dedicated to addressing your unique needs. By combining their expertise with cutting-edge technology and personalised care, they’ve created a nurturing environment designed to transform your dreams of starting a family into reality.

Recognising the complex nature of infertility, the professionals at Maigaard tailor treatment plans to your individual circumstances. As pioneers in fertility healthcare, they are continually at the forefront of scientific advancement and are committed to providing you with the most effective treatment options.

Maigaard was the first fertility clinic in Scandinavia to systematically employ embryoscope technology. This groundbreaking technology allows for the constant monitoring and evaluation of embryos and facilitates the selection of the healthiest options for insemination, thereby enhancing the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. The use of the embryoscope is now a standard component of all treatments at Maigaard and is included at no additional cost.

Adding to its repertoire of advanced technology, Maigaard provides IMSI – a sophisticated technique for selecting high-quality sperm cells. Through IMSI, their fertility experts can ensure that only the best sperm cells are chosen for fertilization, further boosting your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Begin your journey to parenthood with the Maigaard Fertility Clinic today. Get in touch to schedule a free consultation. The team at Maigaard is eager to hear about any previous assessments and treatments and is ready to stand by your side in your journey towards parenthood. By partnering with Donor-Network and Maigaard, you'll receive all the support you need.