Meet Our Donors

Meet Our Donors

Meet our donors

  • The donors’ ages range from 18 to 45 years old
  • They come from diverse educational and occupational backgrounds
  • They have normal IQ or higher, and verified no criminal record.
  • They are physically and mentally healthy and robust
  • They represent a variety of ethnicities, sexual orientations, and religions
  • Some of them have children of their own, with an approximate ratio of 1 in 5 donors
  • Only a small percentage of applicants, less than 5%, are approved as donors with us

What motivates them

Becoming a sperm donor is a personal decision that can be motivated by various reasons. However, the main motivation is often the desire to help others have children. Each donor profile includes a description of their personal motivation for becoming a donor.


Many of our donors cite the desire to help others have children as their primary motivation for becoming a donor.

Passing on genes

Some donors are motivated by the desire to pass on their genes biologically, particularly if they are uncertain about having children of their own.


While donors do receive statutory compensation for their donation, for many, it is rarely the sole motivation for becoming a donor. It is often a contributing factor, particularly for donors who are students.

“I would like to help where I can. I personally know a couple who needed help from a donor to get pregnant.” Donor Maverick