What is in a Donor Profile?

What is in a Donor Profile?

Unveiling Donor Profiles: The Wealth of Information at Donor-Network

Understanding your sperm donor's profile can be an integral part of your fertility journey. At Donor-Network, we strive to offer comprehensive, detailed profiles to help you make an informed decision. Here's an overview of the information you can expect to find in our donor profiles:

  • Family HistoryOur donors provide extensive data regarding their immediate family, including health history, ethnicity/origin, and educational and occupational backgrounds. This offers insight into potential inherited traits or health risks.

  • Personal CharacteristicsWe share an array of personal details such as ethnicity, hair and eye colour, height, weight, adult silhouette, and blood type. We also delve into the donor's personality traits and interests to give a well-rounded picture of the individual.

  • PhotographsDonors provide baby and, often, children’s photos. Some even offer adult photos. This allows potential parents to visualise the potential physical traits their child may inherit.

  • Voice RecordingEach donor records a personal message, read aloud so that you can hear their voice. This feature adds another layer of personal connection.

  • Personality and IQ TestsDonors undertake a validated Big-Five personality test and an IQ test. The results offer insight into the donor's cognitive abilities and personality traits.

  • Psychological EvaluationEach profile includes a professional psychologist's opinion. The evaluation is based on an interview and the results of the personality and IQ tests.

  • Our Impression of the DonorThe Donor-Network staff and fertility clinic share their experiences and impressions of the donor. This gives future parents a unique perspective on how the donor interacts with us.

By offering rich, detailed profiles, we help prospective parents gain a comprehensive understanding of potential donors. This wealth of information helps soon-to-be parents make an informed choice and fosters a closer connection with the selected donor.