Genetic Matching

Genetic Matching

Secure Your Family's Future with Our Comprehensive Genetic Screening Services

Genetic diseases, often resulting from mutations in our genes, are conditions that we all have the potential to carry, even if we don't exhibit any symptoms. These mutations can lead to serious diseases in our children, particularly when both parents carry the same genetic mutations. To secure the health of future children, we offer comprehensive genetic screening services.

Our specialised screening test, "Is the donor a genetic match for me?" is a reliable way to reduce the risk of a genetic disease affecting your child. Our service meticulously compares the mother's genes with her preferred donor's genes, allowing us to lower the risk of future children inheriting a severe illness. Our sophisticated screening test can detect over 4,000 disease-causing genes, granting you peace of mind about your donor selection.

This type of testing is especially crucial for those who are aware they carry a hereditary disease or if there's a history of a disease in your family. To optimise the testing process, we require a copy of your clinical genetic report. We invite you to get in touch with us for further information.

What Diseases Can Our Genetic Screening Service Detect? 

Our exhaustive genetic testing process enables us to identify over 4,000 disease-causing genes, ensuring we provide the most comprehensive service possible communicated in the simplest possible manner.

With our thorough screening process, we aim to help you make informed decisions to ensure the health of your future family. Reach out today and embark on your journey toward parenthood with the confidence and reassurance that only our cutting-edge genetic screening services can provide.